Aerial Photography for Building Surveys

Aerial Photography for Building Surveys

Aerial Photography for Building Surveys, the building inspection and surveying industries are beginning to acknowledge the advantages of using small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for surveying, particularly roofs and other inaccessible places. PixAloft’s multi-rotor UAV offers a more cost effective alternative to traditional access options, e.g. towers, scaffolding or hydraulic platforms, for high or awkward places. Apart from offering financial savings, PixAloft’s technology eliminates the safety problems associated with people working at height, disturbance to buildings and problems with soft ground or other access issues.

The ability to fly around a building or structure also removes the time delays caused by having to move or rebuild towers or platforms. Using our UAV means several locations can be quickly accessed, enabling prompt examination of an issue, with live video available on a ground-based monitor throughout .

Used regularly, PixAloft’s aircraft can provide monitoring of construction progress and can actually serve to provide evidence of structural damage for insurance claims.

Sample resolution of Aerial Photography for Building Surveys

These image were taken using our 12 megapixel camera. We takes both stills and videos while flying above buildings.

Sample resolutionSample resolution 


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